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Aug. 23rd, 2013

B5 Trifecta

FIC: Dance

Title: Dance
Author: Avelera
Rating: G
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters belong to JMS and WB.
Pairing: Londo Mollari/Canonical First Wife
Archive: Ao3, babylon5_love
Author’s Note: Edited by the lovely Amatara. Inspired by "Dance, Dance" by Fallout Boy as covered by the Vitamin Strings Quartet.
Spoilers: For "A Voice in the Wilderness" and "The Long Night of Londo Mollari".
Summary: Londo Mollari will see himself die many times, this is only the first. That night he watched himself die in the eyes of the only woman he married for love. It's a collapse of courage, of confidence, the first step on the road down. But at the time all he knew is that he would never dance again.

Apr. 24th, 2012

Emperor Londo

The Road from Hell Chapter 1, a babylon 5 fanfic - FanFiction.Net

Vir comes to Centauri Prime to confront Emperor Londo Mollari on his increasingly cruel and erratic policies. While there he learns of the Drakh Keeper, thus irrevocably changing the future of the Centauri and the galaxy. Post-series AU.

For the AU Ficathon: Londo & Vir, Vir takes the Drakh Keeper for Londo, your mind on the road from hell and back, for fuckyeahdelenn aka miotasachsaol. Beta'd by the utterly fantastic Amatara.

Mar. 31st, 2012

B5 Trifecta

The Road from Hell, a babylon 5 fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Emperor Londo

A Tragedy of Elements, a Babylon 5 and Avatar: Last Airbender crossover fanfic - FanFiction.Net

Mar. 29th, 2012

B5 Trifecta

The Road from Hell (part 1), a Babylon 5 AU

Written for the "The Could Have Beens: An AU Comment Ficathon".

Prompt: babylon 5, londo & vir, vir takes the drakh keeper for londo, your mind on the road from hell and back, for fuckyeahdelenn aka miotasachsaol.

Word Length: 3,056

Author Note: Reference is made to both the "Legions of Fire" Trilogy by Peter David, and my original character Aela Cantori. Basically, with this story I am deliberately breaking and even rewriting parts of "Legions of Fire" that annoy me.

All the necessary information can be found within the prose, but for clarification for those who have not read "Legions of Fire" or for those who have who want to undestand what I've changed, here is a list:

Remaining the same:

  • Vir becomes ambassador to the Interstellar Alliance after Londo. He stays away from Centauri Prime for several years after his appointment. Troubling rumors from home recall him back to have a word with Londo. You may recognize their meeting as resembling one that took place in "Legions of Fire". This is deliberate, but I will say no further on the matter here.

  • Senna of House Refa is still Londo's ward, and he made major concessions to the Drakh in order to keep her alive. 

  • Durla is Londo's Prime Minister, a man with few scruples who gleefully enacts the Drakh's plans without being under their control. 

  • The events from "The Shadow of His Thoughts", aka Londo's visit to Tuwain to meet the prophetess there, have all taken place a couple years previously. 

What I have changed:

  • The Drakh have not turned the Centauri into Fascists. Rather, they are enacting Roman Proscription/French Terror-style executions of any nobility who objects to their policies as enacted by Londo, or anyone who comes close to discovering their presence. These widespread executions are reminiscent of Cartagia's reign, and Vir has come back to Centauri Prime to find out what is going on and to stop Londo by any means necessary. 

  • There is no Centauri "Hitler Youth" organized by Durla. Rather, Durla fulfills a role not unlike Sejanus did for Tiberius, aka carrying out the executions in the hopes that it will pave the way for him to become Emperor. 

  • No Technomages. The Technomages do not offer help to Vir, nor does he seek them out. As such, Mariel is never lobotomized by their love spell and is alive and well. Also, because they are not there to tell him to ask about the Drakh, he learns of them from a different source, a Centauri woman named Aela Cantori. 

  • Aela Cantori, Imperial Archivist and xeno-anthropologist has become a friend and occasional confidante of Londo. Basically, they meet once in a while to discuss Centauri and Earth history. During one of their meetings, Aela became suspicious of the discrepancies between Londo's policies and his personality, and came to suspect he was being controlled. The story in which this happens, "While Rome Burns" serves as a prelude to this AU, however it is not necessary to read it to understand what is going on. In other fan works, I name Aela as Vir's second wife after Senna. However, as this is an AU things will go a bit differently here. 

Whew! Sorry for the long notes. Without further ado, please enjoy "The Road from Hell" part 1. 

The Road to Hell, part 1Collapse )

Sep. 25th, 2011

Emperor Londo

Thoughts on B5 season 1 episode "Signs and Portents"

Just re-watched this episode, got to this part and jerked forward in
my chair screaming, "NO LONDO DON'T DO IT!" like it was some kind of
horror movie.


I'm such a hopeless nerd.

And this scene didn't make much sense the first time and now it's the most horrible thing ever.

Actually, did anyone else notice that Londo said he wanted to be
alone first? Not that he wanted Mr. Morden to leave him alone, like
G'kar did, but just generally alone. And Morden acknowledges this, and
asks him if he wants anything else. I have a theory that Mr. Morden has
to provide EVERYTHING that the subject asks for. The first thing G'Kar
said he wanted was for Mr. Morden specifically to leave him in peace. I
don't think that G'Kar's subsequent request, to destroy the Centauri,
was what made Mr. Morden choose Londo instead (obviously Delenn didn't
say anything, she knew better and is in fact very careful about how she
phrases her sentences). I think rather it was that his first request,
for Mr. Morden to leave him alone indefinitely, conflicted with his
other requests, and Morden somehow has to provide for all of them, and
he can't destroy the Centauri without further interacting with G'kar,
and none of G'kar's later requests invalidated the first one despite
Morden's prodding. However, Londo's request to be left alone in general
(*sob*) did not conflict with his request to rebuild the Centauri Empire
and wouldn't stop Morden from meeting with him, so long as Londo is all
alone in the end. So Morden chose him.

I think it also explains the sour look on Morden's face when Vir
makes his request, because he knows he will have to fulfill it. Second
theory? The Shadows couldn't start their war until "emissaries'" of the
younger races requested their help. Same with the Vorlons. That's why
they send Morden to get the ball rolling, by tricking the younger races
into asking. It's also why Kosh tells Sheriden that he should not ask
for the Vorlons to get involved, because that's when the Planet
Destroyers are gonna get busted out.

Sep. 15th, 2011

Emperor Londo

Gotta love it

I find myself coming back to this place just as everyone else is dashing off to Tumblr and such. Quite frustrating. Of course it would be a fandom that died out about 3-5 years ago that would drag me back here (Babylon 5) I'm deeply regretting that I missed out on the good days there, now I just feel like a creepy stalker when I reach out to the writers I would have liked to collaborate or geek out with back then. Ah well.

Sep. 13th, 2011

Emperor Londo

Writing writing

Got a lot of work done on my first Babylon 5 story, to the tune of about 1600 words in about 3-4 hours. Training up for NaNo and all that :P

The story is pretty dialogue heavy, focusing on Lennier's experience in the episode "Day of the Dead". I generally prefer Londo as a character, but his voice is much more intimidating to write than Lennier or G'kar, who tend to speak pretty formally. Anyway, its almost exclusively dialogue, answering the question of why G'kar didn't participate in Day of the Dead (short answer: dead people are evil and will only say things to hurt you or doom you). Which I feel is fairly consistent with some folklore I've seen, and it would explain why he knew better than to go. My conclusion is that really even people who got relatively benign visitiations during the festival really didn't, because of the way old wounds were opened. So its generally an all around bad thing to attend, and G'kar is once again the smartest person on the station.

I'm going to edit more in the morning, and probably add about 500 words, probably making some cameos for Lochley and Londo (the other characters who were visited by the dead in the episode). I'll post it around the usual suspects (, maybe link to it in some B5 comms). Maybe after this story I'll move on to more Londo-centric stuff, or maybe move on entirely from writing in this fandom. I don't know, I just couldn't get G'kar explaining why talking to the dead is a TERRIBLE IDEA out of my head and just began writing this rambling conversation between the two. My opinion at the moment is its a fair rough draft, and at the beginning I've actually got a decent ear for their voices, which goes a bit off once I started getting tired and exposition-heavy. I'll probably need to go back to seed some humor in, but there's ultimately no plot except to get the dialogue off my chest.

Anyway, as I said I'm hoping to come back here a little more.

Sep. 7th, 2011

Emperor Londo

Comments on Babylon 5 S5 "Day of the Dead"

I can't imagine why anyone would have a problem with this episode. Granted, I am a Neil Gaiman and Penn & Teller fan, so in any situation I would probably love it.
My obsession out of the way first: Londo and Adira. I was so happy to see her again, even for this short time. It was so sad not to see her in the episode where she died. For such an intrinsic character I think it was important for her to get one last appearance. And I also sob a bit in retrospect that Londo got his one last night of happiness with her.

My secondary obsessions: Lennier. Having Morden show up was indeed an interesting twist. Not necessarily who I would have expected for him (perhaps Valen/Sinclair?) but in a way fitting. Morden is the ultimate dark prophet, ignored at the peril of others. Everything he has said has come true, and Lennier should not have assumed that just because one is evil one is a liar. But then again, that is the nature of Greek tragedies. One can hear the entirety of one's future, and it won't matter. Even if Sheriden had told Londo his future it probably still would have occurred, because in the avoidance we create the conditions to make it true.

I wish we had seen Vir. Mentally I have Flora's story "Strange Meeting" in which Vir sees Cartagia in my head, and I'm stickin' to it. G'kar also would have been interesting. I've seen some criticism that he did not appear. On the one hand I agree that he of all people should have been open to revelations from the dead. Would he have seen his father? The Centauri Emperor? G'Quan? Who knows. In my head canon, he knew (or had cultural reasons to believe) the dead always lie, or twist the truth maliciously. This belief is present on Earth, that any use of magic or necromancy will have negative consequences. I like to believe that as much as G'kar would have liked to speak to a shade from his past, his belief system held that anything he would hear would be a lie, or somehow twisted, and thus it was better not to hear anything at all. Why tempt fate and prophecy by hearing things you cannot avoid? Lennier might have done well to head that lesson, and Londo (regarding Adira's statement that none would understand him like her).

Now, the part that surprised me was Lochley, insofar as I truly enjoyed it. Generally speaking with B5 I prefer the aliens to the humans by far, with some rare exceptions as storyline goes. However the Zoe plotline was consummate Gaiman. I'm sorry, but there was no question that Zoe and Lochley were lovers at some point, one cannot read "Sandman" without seeing the patterns with which Neil thinks. Why else would Lochley run away from her father, a strict military man, except for a lover affair with another girl? Why else would she have that life-long trauma, why else that faint relief when a life gone hard and sour with Zoe suddenly ended? Seeing them as lovers brought enormous pain to watching this episode, anyone who remembers teenage love knows it never really leaves you, and combined with a guilt like Lochley's over Zoe's suicide she will live with it forever. To an extent I better understand her torrid love affair with Sheriden. She joins the military as her father always wanted, finds the perfect guy to bring home to the family who is the exact opposite of everything Zoe was, and the acceptance is exhilarating. However it wasn't meant for her, and she wasn't meant for him. Once the anti-rebellion died away I think they realized it was a crush gone over the top and separated amicably. I also think that Sheriden was away from home and looking for a partner and jumped at the chance of Lochley, much the same way many boys I saw in college jumped at the first girl who showed interest. But I suppose that's a fanfic for another time.

Anyway, this episode was so wonderful and unique. Thanks for listening to me gush about it.

Apr. 27th, 2010

B5 Trifecta

Random World History Rant (Warning: contains sweeping generalizations)

 -Why is it so difficult to find books on world history that aren't about how it ties to the U.S? Example, no books about the Caliphate period of the Middle East on Audible, out of 50+ books in the history section with the Middle East as a keyword, maybe 4 offered actual histories of the Middle East rather than the history of US involvement there (less than 1/1000 of their history). Similar story for Japanese, Russian, and Chinese history. How can we have so little general access of their histories when we are or have been at war with these people and/or have them as major trade partners?! What is it with America and not understanding anything about the rest of the world except the narrow scope of how it relates to us?!?!....../end late-night rant that was too long for a facebook status message.

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